Different Types of Pigeon Control Products and How Effective They are for Bird Pest Control

There are plenty of pigeon control products on the market today, so don’t sit there thinking that these birds have completely destroyed your life. Learning about some of them will give you a clear idea of what you can do and who you can safely get them to move on to different locations.

Most pigeon control products are very simple to use and get rid of annoying pigeons from your property, home or garden. They don’t require much time to implement and they are more reasonably priced than you might think. More advanced products are released all the time that work even better than before. The way that many people have kept them away for centuries is through the use of scarer’s.

These are devices that resemble something that could potentially harm a pigeon. For example it could be an owl perched on your roof. They aren’t going to get close enough to find out if it is real or not. The visual presence of it is enough for them to go away. You can get other types of scarer’s too including swaying objects, balloons, and items with colorful faces on them. Even foil strips seem to work well because birds don’t like shiny objects.

If your pigeon problems extend over large areas though, you may need something more to take care of the problem and to prevent it from coming back. The use of netting seems to be one of the most popular methods offered out there. That way you are able to get a barrier between these birds and your property. They won’t be able to penetrate it and the netting is extremely strong and durable.

Pigeon spikes can also offer you a great method of keeping these birds away. The wires going in all directions aren’t going to allow them to get close enough to perch. They won’t be able to stick around even if they have been able to in the past. These spikes are durable and they aren’t hard to put into place either.

Consider leaving pellets for the pigeons to consume in the way of food. Just sprinkle them in areas where they would commonly go to feed. From there you will find they are disappearing. The food will taste awful to them and leave a taste in their mouth that makes other foods around taste terrible too. They are quickly going to decide to move on to where they find better food sources.

Ultrasonic bird control devices offer you the benefits of technology that you can very easily put into place. They are designed to create sounds that birds find to be unattractive and that will make them uneasy. Remember that pigeons are only going to continue a colony in an area where they feel very safe. By taking that away from them they will leave on their own.

As you can see there are many great pigeon control products out there. Choose one of them that offer you the benefits you are after. Being free from pigeon problems is important. Not only are they loud and messy, but they can also create costly damages to your property. You can also hire a professional Pest Control Melbourne company for pigeon control.

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