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Restumping Services

For any building, the strong foundation is a must. To meet this requirement is a priority for every builder, architect and civil engineer as the whole building depends on it. The safety of the residents can be compromised if this area is not given proper importance. Hence all those who are concerned with the erection of a building, go for the proper plan and create a required foundation that can sustain for a long period. However, over a period due to different reasons the stumps on which the foundation is based. It is also known as re-blocking. It can also be considered as a part of underpinning process where the stumps are changed or replaced in a manner that can offer additional safety to the building.

Over a period the stumps may get cracks or even the material such as rods may get corroded which leads to the weakening of the stumps. During the process of Restumping Melbourne, the foundation is supported with jacks, and the stumps are replaced as well as the soil is dug out to have a strong base. During this process, the floor and walls may get damaged also, but civil engineers and planners already make plans for the same, so there is nothing to worry for the residents.

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The requirement of the re-stumping process:

Usually, the re-stumping is also caused by the same factors that lead to underpinning. However both processes are done to offer additional strength to the foundation only, there is a little difference. In the underpinning, the foundation is added with more concrete and soil as the case may be while in the re-stumping the stumps are completely replaced with new stumps. Hence the underpinning is a larger process than the re-stumping. Underpinning may include re-stumping also.

  • Weak stumps: For a strong foundation strong stumps are much required. The stumps may get weak due to some natural factors such as weather or water logging in the monsoon. The corroded rods or poor quality of material may also be a reason for the weak stumps which needs to be replaced.
  • Cracked stumps: If there are cracks on the stumps due to natural or other reasons it is time to be alert for the concerned people as well as the residents as it is a sign of weakening stumps. In such situation gradually the cracks get broadened and hence the load-bearing capacity of the same can be reduced which can harm the foundation.
  • Uneven floor: This happens due to change of soil quality or other factors such as waterlogging or even earthquake. A growing tree root can also be a cause for an uneven In such situation, immediate attention must be paid to the situation else the safety of the home or building can be compromised.
  • Change of stump material: In past, there were buildings with wooden stumps, but considering the safety of the building and new technology sometimes the builders prefer to replace them with concrete stumps and in such case the re-stumping becomes important.

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