What Is The Fastest Way To Clean Plastic Blinds?

Fabric Blind Cleaning

Whether it is plastic or fabric or wooden blinds all you need to clean them is dish liquid or detergent liquid, a clean cloth, bucket, and hand. On the other hand, you must remove the blinds form the windows and put them in the bathtub to scrub them. Finally, the process ends with drying and hanging them on the windows again. Maintaining the blinds are quite easy, but the only thing is you must follow the correct method to wash them.

The above-mentioned method works amazingly to clean the Aluminum, wooden or Plastic Blinds. But this method will not suit well to clean the fabric blinds. You must remove the fabric blinds from the window and put it in the bathtub and then dry them before hanging.

Curtain Cleaning

How to Clean The Plastic Blinds?

Before you start the actual cleaning process clearly dust the blinds using a duster or vacuum cleaner. If you are cleaning the horizontal blinds start working from right to left of the blinds. In case if you are cleaning the Vertical Blinds Cleaning from top to bottom. Be careful because most of the blinds are not hung correctly, they might fall out from the window brackets while you are cleaning. If you are using the vacuum cleaner to clean the dust, just use the brush attachment to clean the dust. If you prefer to clean the blinds by hand choose the dusting tool properly duct the window blinds. You can use simple microfiber cloth or old socks to clean the blinds.

Wash Them Clean

Take a medium-sized bowl and fill the bowl with warm water. Add 3 drops of dish liquid to the bowl take a microfiber cloth and dunk it in the mixture, now wring the cloth well. Twist the blinds and make them flat, the flat position will be easier for you to clean. Take the cloth and wipe the blinds from top to bottom if it is vertical blinds. Wipe the blinds left to right if it is horizontal blinds. Once you finished wiping the blinds rinse the cloth in clean and fresh water and wipe the blinds again. If your blinds are covered with grease or dead bug residue, try adding little baking soda mixture and wipe the blinds. You will be amazed when you see the results.

This method is a bit easier when you have horizontal blinds. First, grip the middle portion of the salt and work towards the end of the salt and again reach the midpoint of the slat. It is very simple and never requires any efforts. If you have vertical blinds follow the same step but start from the top of the salt and work towards down. Once you finish Curtain and Blind Cleaning, the blinds they look gorgeous and shining. Just maintain its shine and beauty by vacuuming them on a regular basis. Finally, leave the blinds under good ventilation to dry them.

Professional Curtain Cleaning Services

Hire The Professional Help

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